Tabletop Alchemist and our involvement with the community. 

Gone But NOT Forgotten

Tabletop Alchemist gives back to the armed forces community.

Our exclusive 

Gone But NOT Forgotten 

complimentary floral service delivers fresh flowers to your loved ones.

We don't discard perfectly healthy flowers and greenery. Rather, the surpluses are designed into handsome hand-tied bouquets and personally taken to local and National Cemeteries to grace their splendor upon our fallen and former military heroes.

Families can choose to publicly honor the heroic stories, sacrifices, and memories of lost loved ones in our special section devoted to our service members.

*Service is limited at this time* 

Wine and Our Flowers

      We love making arrangements for our local wineries.

Upon request we use vegetation from the winery into the arrangement. We love hearing about how our arrangements enriched the environment and opened up the guests to the winery they were visiting. We have heard stories about how our arrangements, when displayed for the wineries guests, coincidentally seemed to have higher wine sales. This may be purely serendipitous, or there might be some magic in our floral design alchemy. 

One of the local wineries loved our arrangement we made so much,

they kept and continued to display it for 5 months! 

We are both humbled and impressed.

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