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Damask Linen Satin Band Napkins

Prized for it's strength while wet, linen spun from the long fibres of the flax plant made exceptional sails for ships crossing the rugged North Sea for over a millenia. In today's modern world, linen damask is known for it's classic drape and lustre exuding grace and style on your dining room table.

Damask Linen Satin Band Napkins

  • Machine wash warm, line dry only. Do not use harsh detegents or optic whiteners (bleach) that may destroy the flax fibre threads. Iron while fabric is damp or use a steam iron. Roll rather than fold for storage to prevent creasing. 


    Owing to the nature of natural textile fabrics the dimensions of delivered goods may vary by ± 3 % and can shrink by up to 10% in use and as a result of washing.

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