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Colmcille - Runner

Natural Color: The color of this cloth is described as natural because the use of a natural unbleached weft gives the cloth the natural ecru appearance of unbleached linen.


White Color: Soft and subtle in low light but crisp, breath-taking beautiful when the light hits it just right.


St. Columba, also known as Colmcille, has this unique Ferguson's design named in memory of him.
Based around Celtic knot work, it is believed by some this visual vocabulary of Celtic design carries many messages.
There is a folklore that each knot has a specific message waiting to be decoded, if we only had the key. However, a general symbolism of Celtic interlace can be expressed as representing the repeated crossing of the spiritual and physical paths in our lives.


For those that require a unique dining experience but do not need the sheer exclusivity of double damask, Ferguson's linen damask makes an excellent choice. Linen damask makes exceptionally high-quality table linen and is consistently one of our best-selling ranges. It carries all the unique characteristics of an Irish Linen tablecloth and is offered in a wide range of standard designs.

Ferguson's linen damask makes a unique gift for weddings, anniversaries or other special occasions, or simply buy it to spoil yourself.

Colmcille - Runner