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Gone but NOT Forgotten

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"I can't get over how fantastic the floral arrangements are!"

- D.B of Solano County

Our goal is to grace our clients' places of work, play, and rest with sophisticated table décor and unique centerpiece arrangements.


We support our local economy and fellow small business owners, give back to our military community, and redefine what an authentic personal touch really means.

Multiple studies have shown the benefits of flowers and beautiful décor elevating moods and improving experiences in those environments.

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Our individualized floral services are the heart of what we do.

Tabletop Alchemist gives back to the armed forces community.

Our exclusive 

Gone But NOT Forgotten 

complimentary floral service delivers fresh flowers to your loved ones.

We don't discard perfectly healthy flowers and greenery. Rather, the surpluses are designed into handsome hand-tied bouquets and personally taken to local and National Cemeteries to grace their splendor upon our fallen and former military heroes.

Families can choose to publicly honor the heroic stories, sacrifices, and memories of lost loved ones in our special section devoted to our service members.

*Service is limited at this time* 

What kind of experience are you wanting to provide

 Your winery/ spa guests have expectations, Surpass them.

Alchemist's Featured Arrangements

Our elegant floral designs are unique in many ways.

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Fun Midcentury Modern Botanical Purse

Fun Midcentury Modern Botanical Purse

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